Due Diligence Document Requirements

Due Diligence Requirements

In compliance with International Anti-Money Laundering regulations there are a number of documents that we will require in advance of providing legal document drafting services related to international and offshore jurisdictions

In respect of each and every Beneficial Owner, Director and Shareholder of any Company indicated as being the Beneficial Owner, we require the following documents and information

Proof of Identity

Certified copy of any of the following (must be photo ID)

Valid Passport
Valid Driving Licence (if it has photo ID)
National ID Card
Armed Forces ID Card

The document provided must be currently valid, containing a photograph that must be clear and visible and showing both issue and expiry dates,

The document provided must include the page showing the signature.

The place of issue and passport number must be included and must be clearly legible.

Nationality details must be included.

Proof of Residential address:

3 Copies from any of the following documents, dated within the past 3 months..

Valid, full driving license (unless provided as proof of identity already)

Utility Bill (e.g. Gas, Water, Electricity, Landline Telephone, Cable etc).Note, that a mobile telephone bill is not acceptable)

Television License

Home / Motor Insurance Policy Document or Certificate

A Bank / Building Society / Credit Card Statement from a recognised Financial Institution

Residential Property/Council Tax/ or Rates Bill

Corporate Entities

Where a corporate entity is indicated as being the Beneficial Owner of a new company for which you are requesting us to provide document drafting services, we will require the full and complete details of that company, its' directors and shareholders as follows.

Certificate of Incorporation
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Register of Directors
Register of Shareholders
Individual due diligence on each of the shareholders as outlined above.

Certification of Copies of Documents

All copies of documents submitted must be certified by an appropriate acceptable person.

The following persons are acceptable

An independent solicitor/lawyer / accountant/ a bank manager, Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace / Member of the Judiciary/ Consular/Embassy official.

Note that the person certifying a true copy of the original must:

(a) Sign and clearly print their name

(b) Date the certification

(c) Use an official stamp quoting their company name and address

(d) Indicate their position or official capacity on the copied document

(e) Indicate and include the name and registration number of the regulating body of the certifier if applicable e.g. Law Society, ACA, ACCA, etc.

Where International Anti-Money Laundering r regulations are updated and or changed further/additional information may be requested.