Business Name Registration


Sole Trader

You are a single individual, sole person trading or proposing to trade under a name that is not your own name. This category applies to you and is the most frequently used category of business name registered.


You are two or more individuals trading under a business name that is not your individual names. This category applies to you. Once your partnership name is registered a Partnership Agreement to keep everything on the straight and narrow between you all is a good idea!

A Company Registering a Trading Name

So you have a trading name or maybe a number of different trading/marketing names that your business  would like to "trade as" or indeed already does. This applies to you then. Legislation imposes the requirement to register all such trading names.


Frequently Asked Business Name Registration Questions

Who can register a business name?

Any individual i.e sole trader, or a number of persons i.e. partners coming together to form a partnership or a company seeking to use a trade name to trade as - t/a.

Who should register a business name?

any individual i.e sole trader, partnerships or companies trading as anything other than their own names is obliged by law to register that trading/ business name.

How Long does it Take at the CRO?

Time frames vary at the CRO and are dependant on volumes etc. but the turnaround time from the date of receipt is approximately 10 working days to have a registration number allocated.

When Do I get My Business Name Certificate of Registration?

The Business Registration Certificate will be sent to your contact address  once it has been issued by the CRO.

What about Tax Registration for my new business, Is this a separate process  ?

Yes, tax registration is a separate process from that of registering your business name and you will need your new business registration details when making application.






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Sole Trader


A Company Registering a Trading Name


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