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Filing an Annual Company Return & Dormant Company Accounts

Every Irish company must file an annual return even a Dormant Company. Failure to file an annual return even if the company is not trading ie. is a Dormant Company will negatively impact on the status for your company.

You may, of course seek to have your Dormant Company voluntarily struck off but it may also be prudent to keep your company's status for a variety of reasons e.g. deciding to start trading again at some point in the future or maintaining the company name for marketing or domain name purposes.

Dormant Company Accounts & Annual Returns


In compliance with the provisions of the Companies (Amendment) (No.2) Act a company failing to file an annual return in respect of any one year may be struck off the index by the Registrar of Companies.

In addition companies missing their filing deadline will be forced to have their accounts audited the following year (together with attendant audit costs) and cannot therefore avail of audit exemption provisions.

Failure to file an Annual Return may also result in a prosecution being sought against you.