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How to Restore a Limited Company. Restoring an Irish company to the register of companies at the Companies Registration Office can be a complex and lengthy process.

The staff at Business & Company Formations have over twenty years experience of the company restoration process and are specialists in the provision of High Court Company Restoration services.

Restoration of a Company Dissolved for Less than 1 Year

Where a company has been dissolved within one year we will draft and prepare the necessary documents in order to restore the company to the register. In order for us to do this the company must:

(a) make the application for restoration within twelve months of being struck off.

(b)file all outstanding Annual Returns including paying late filing fees, penalties and charges.

c) not have allotted any shares during the period covered by the Annual Returns which are being filed.

(d) make an officer of the company available to be physically present at the CRO in order to await the processing of the relevant documents and attend to any queries and or amendments arising during the company restoration process.

The company restoration application process at the CRO on the day may take anything up to 4-5 hours or more. As part of our administration services, an officer from the company seeking restoration will be required to attend. BCF will be pleased to advise on the attendance process together with guidance during on all of the relevant documents and queries that may arise during the course of the company restoration process. Upon the restoration of the company to the register we will arrange for the company to be provided with a Certified Print Out from the CRO's records indicating the company's legal standing as being "normal".

Please note that our fees relating to company restoration work do not cover late filing fees, penalties, charges and or accounting referral work.

High Court Restorations - Companies Dissolved for more than 1 Year

Where a company has been struck off the register for more than one year, an application to the High Court must be made in order to have that company reinstated.

Our experienced Company Secretarial staff are specialist providers of High Court Company Restoration services. We will draft and prepare the necessary documents and liase with our Solicitor, Barrister, Chief State Solicitor, Companies Registration Office and Revenue Commissioner with regard to the High Court Restoration process.

All Legal Fees, High Court Fees, ancillary Fees and advised expenses must be lodged with us in advance of any High Court restoration work being carried out.

Note, that our fees with regard to providing High Court Restoration services do not cover the filing of any outstanding Annual Returns, late filing fees, penalties, charges and or accounting referral work.

Contact us indicating your company name and company number to discuss your Company Restoration requirements.




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